Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mary Wigham update and more craziness

I spent more time on Mary over the holidays and managed to get the outside border almost completed:

I wanted to get the border finished before 2011 but it wasn't to be.   She probably won't get much more done on her until after Jan. 15th, when the craziness comes to an end.  I was also hoping to get her completely stitched by the end of January but I'm not sure that's going to happen either.  Oh well.

Speaking of crazy, here's my third selection, another Christmas ornament -- one I've already stitched as a gift and now will stitch for myself:

Until tomorrow .....

what fun!


  1. You have been busy: your beginnings look very interesting - waiting to see more!

  2. Marcy, great start, we are all just a little 'crazy' aren't we. Love the Mary Wigham, blues and yellows look great.

    You asked before Christmas for the link to Midnight Garden, I tried to leave a comment before Christmas, and realise it never appeared. So trying again... the link to Bat Wranglers xstitch charts.


    LiBBiE in Oz