Friday, January 7, 2011

Happiness is Apple Pies and Agility

Hooray!  Happy Days are Here!  I finally started a pattern I've wanted to do for a couple years now ... drum roll, please ......

And now to change the subject .....

A couple days ago, Libbie asked me who I do agility with.  Now that's a loaded question because I could talk about my dogs   f o r e v e r  but I'm sure you all don't want to read alot of babbling about them so I'll (try to) keep it short (or just stop reading here because there won't be any more stitchy stuff). 

Stormy is my oldest dog at 11 y.o.  He's a terrier/maybe poodle/? mix that I rescued as a puppy.  He's all heart, joy and personality.  Above is a pic of him when he was about 5 jumping at an agility trial in his lion cut.

Here he is, or at least part of him, pushing through the chute.

Willow is an 8 y.o. beagle.  I rescued her from the breeder when she was about 1.5 after the original people returned her as untrainable.  She did indeed have some issues but we have worked through them and she's become a good agility dog.  Willow is a perpetual puppy and I hope she stays that way.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of her doing agility on this computer so here she is hanging out in the back yard.

The last dog I trial with is River, a 6 y.o. papillion that I rescued when he was about a year old.  Poor little guy came with lots of issues -- he came from an abusive background.  He still has some issues and probably always will but he's much better.  He's very sensitive and gets nervous easily, so I only run him once or twice at a trial but I think he's starting to like it.  I don't have any agility pics of him either so these will have to do.

My other dogs don't run at trials yet, they are currently in training.

More beagles!  Shasta and Meadow (mother and daughter)

And, last but not least, Firefly, my little snuggle bunny, a 6 y.o. papillion.

Well, there you have it, my dogs.  And many thanks Libbie for asking about them.  I love my little rug rats and love talking about them.

Until Monday .....


  1. Congrats on the new start... but mostly congrats on your brood of furry friends.

  2. How fun to meet your dogs!! I hope we'll see much more of both your stitching and your fur-babies!

  3. Than You for visiting my Blog!

    All you dogs are so cute and I am sure you give much love to them.
    I have had a Kerry Blue Terrier called Riina,
    she was well trained and very dear to me.

    Now we have two Norwegian Forest Cats
    (they are long-haired and very,very social )

    The cats are sisters ,the bigger one have a more independet
    character but the little sister called Melissa is my baby and allways beside me when I stitch.

    Your Sampler Girl patterns are very beautifull ,I have never seen that
    "an apple-pie" pattern before.

    I love this Crazy January Challenge,it is so fun to see so many lovely patterns on blogs.

  4. Marcy you do agility with a Beagle! A Beagle? Don't you love it when people have preconceived ideas on breeds. I once did basic obedience with a Boxer, they all laughed and said we would fail, ha, that and when I used to take my Dachshunds, the common comment was... "So is she sitting?"

    Love your snuggle-bunny, and Stormy's lion cut :D the stitching isn't bad either.

    LiBBiE in Oz

  5. Your dogs are so cute!

    Email me your info so I can mail off your package this week. You are the winner of my giveaway!!!!

    frggygrl at aol